Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Airtel free internet 2G,3G,4G with simple tricks

Hi, friends today I want to share How to get airtel free internet 3G,4G tricks.Everybody till now used 2G,3G internet, but now airtel network launched 4G today I sharing about airtel internet tricks which have high-speed bandwidth and download speed up to 5MBPS and upload up to 10MBPS.Now a days many peoples are earning mobile balance up to 1K by downloading apps,but in this we are not going to download any apps.i think many of them are tried a lot to get free internet and main balance but their tricks do not work out everyone, even I also tried but didn't get it,lastly I tried to get airtel free internet 3G,4G and 2G finally it work out,I have shared to my friends ,now they are happy to get free airtel internet on android mobiles.


In this guide we, are going to earn free airtel internet, with high speed and no network problems issues.Nowadays as per the govt rules every network stop sending free SMS on any festival (or) special now no need to worry we have tricks to get airtel free internet on an android trick.

How to get airtel free internet 2G,3G,4G using VPN proxy

1, firstly we have to download VPN app
2, install droid VPN app on android mobiles.
3, we need to register using email id.
4, setup password with special characters.
5, and make to your VPN account to be verified.
6, then restart your android mobile.
7, open droid VPN app and log in to your account.
8, This app will ask to create VPN connection.
9, Just tick-mark the box which ask to trust rules.
10, Next go to a setting which appears like gear icon on the top of the page.
11, click on connect protocol.
12 just unsticks UDP and make the tick on TCP.
13, Then open TCP and click on HTTP header.
14,enter Host name as:(
15,online- Host
16, Now click on OK button.
17, the internet and then click on connect and wait for few seconds and automatically free internet will be connected.

Requirements to get free airtel internet.

1, Android mobile.
2, VPN proxy app.
3, new sim cards.
4, no data recharge needed.
5, at least main bat least 1 rupee to connect the internet.