Sunday, 5 July 2015

Download whatsapp on PC|laptops using bluestacks and youwave

Download WhatsApp WhatsApp and use for free on your PC? For many people is WhatsApp for PC is the perfect solution. WhatsApp all your conversations on your PC. You can type quickly using the keyboard of your PC. And when your phone battery is empty, you can continue using WhatsApp on your computer. WhatsApp for PC has many benefits. Yet a PC version of WhatsApp has not yet been published. Unlike WhatsApp tablet, no rumors of a PC version for WhatsApp will be introduced soon. However, when searching for ways to download WhatsApp for your PC, you will find several sites that explain how to download WhatsApp to PC for free. First, downloading WhatsApp for PC is at your own risk, because WhatsApp does not offer an official version for PC.


Moreover, you often have to pay for vague instructions where it is not clear whether these really work instructions.Besides these books, there are also many videos on sites like YouTube that explain how to download WhatsApp for PC. The best-known video is below. In this video, the BlueStacks software is used. The film takes 5 minutes and many YouTube users say that this video helped the download WhatsApp on their PC. Good luck and have fun using WhatsApp free for PC!WhatsApp also offers to share voice messages, receive relevant pictures from friends all for free because you simply have a WiFi internet connection, 3G / EDGE. Easy to use, WhatsApp offers a clear and easy-to- handle.You can enrich your conversations with emoticons and animations at your disposal in the application, you can leave messages to your contacts when they are absent and they can read when they are online. Needless either connect or disconnect because the application uses the PUSH system that remained reachable at all times . Therefore, you do not need to login to connect or disconnect.

How to download WhatsApp for PC and laptop using blue stacks:-

Step1: Firstly we have to download Bluestacks (Android emulator)on your PC.

Step2: Install Bluestacks on your Computer.

Step3: After then open Bluestacks and go to my Apps.

Step4: After that search for WhatsApp app.

Step5: Download and install the App.

Step6: Now follow the instructions.

Step7: Now WhatsApp is ready to use on PC and laptops.

How to download WhatsApp for PC and laptop using you wave:-

1, open youwave on PC and laptops,

2, click on search button,

3, enter WhatsApp app to download on PC,

4, then click on install and follow the instructions and,

5, click on finish button now we can use the apps and games that we have downloaded for free and fastly and we can transfer tablets and android and mobile also.

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